A cat at the window
15 mn

@ODD, Bucharest, Ro
Curator: Barbara Sirieix

For 1 character, 1 curtain, 1 Destiny glass and a plexiglas lazer cut cat
- A Cat at the window is a performance conceived and realized during a week of residency at ODD Bucharest, for the project Prologue to a fiction of a space that does not yet exist by Barbara Sirieix.

” I think I don’t like cat, cats are, cats are, cats are...”
In fact I never had any cat at my place. The first cat I met was sleeping all the time, so I decided I won’t love cat, because what I hated the more when I was a child was to sleep.
When I asked Barbara what will be her story about, the two first things which emerged, were a cat and a win- dow. Cat as a character, window as a space. The story is set up. So now, let’s just have a drink.” -