20 mn

@/Performa 13, in 100% Transparent, New-York.
Curated by Linda M. Green-2013
@/Kadist Foundation, San Francisco.
Curator Heidi Rabben, with Arash Fayez- 2015

All pictures ©Kadist Fondation

The performance tells the story of 'Dan and Nad', in the ambiance of a temporary speakeasy. The artist invites you to enjoy the disparition of the North and the South over a 'Lemon Car' cocktail. Then while the artist speaks from the script, another performer creates a spontaneous drawing, mapping thoughts in relation to the spoken text. The performance deals with translation from the verbal to the graphic realm, and its poetic use of language invokes the absurdities of orienting oneself, whether personally or geographically.

Julie Bena from Kadist Art Foundation on Vimeo.