**Group show**@ la Tôlerie, Clermont Ferrand, fr
L'archéologie, un mythe contemporain
Curator: Alexandra Fau

For the space of La Tôlerie, Julie Béna dreamed up an « archeology by acupuncture». A subtle network of lines on the ground come to reveal the hypothetical tracks of the foundations of this industrial space. Investiga- ting the allusive power of this signs, the artist develops esotheric forms deriving from Kabbalistics researches. She also evokes the forgotten memory of sundials, the meridian lines made out of a simple line of copper, some millimeters in thickness, embedded in the marble, reac- ting to the sunlight which was piercing the stained-glass windows of the church at noon during the summer sols- tice. But this fine network of lines drawn on the ground is the starting point of a more complex rule. Alexandra Fau
Production la Tôlerie.